We were watching wayang orang last nite : Me, Ratih, Habibie, Katrin, Lilly, Gwen n Oom. Its really nice... Walo sebelumnya gw pikir bakal ngebosenin banget, but after i saw it... wahhh.... kangen juga dah lama ga nonton wayang orang. Mana lagi ada tari2nya getu... bagus de...

N... i saw behind me, there was a old man. Sitting in achair, n when the music went on, his finger moving, just like playing gamelan, n he hissed (sounds like music). N... that time i just realized the other kind of love... I understand his love to wayang orang, his passion just by saw he moved his body along the music, the way he enjoy all of that.

I envy him

i havent feel dat passion in medical. Yap, maybe later... Now im just trying to be sincere when im working. Trying to be sincere also in evthing. But its hard, really2 hard...

I thought dat my passion is reading n writing. Im totally absorbed when im reading, im not belong to d world anymore when im reading... I ignore all...

wahh... i think i've seen lot of new things this recent days :>


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