Pipel around me

Pipel who boost me up n help me :

1. Iel My Luvly Angel, damned luv u so much... Lot of advise, lot of support. U're really2 an angel for me Babe. One who call me princess. Although a bit "spicy" sumtimes... but u made me see realitiy, made me see from diff view. U have great part...

2. Mb Sinta, tenkyu sista. Our last conversation bring me to diff path of life. Although u dont realize it maybe, u release me... it means a lot

3. Ranti, sista... who else... pipel who also keep supporting me. Thanks atas sharing-nya, u boost me up more than u expect

4. Hendut, hen... i appreaciate all... tenkyu

5. Dear Ratih, best fren who can see thru my heart

6. Mita, we share our heart ya... Sister of my heart. I hear ur callin thru d distance. Thanks...

Tenkyu all...


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