Half Full Cup


only stupid person who can love like hell

only crazy person who loves

why?whats side of him that can break me this way?

am i half full cup of tea?half full?half empty?

or... just like totally full cup oftea, n if someone pour any water, it would spill out.

why do i love him?that kinda guy?
can not answer that.
its just like feel "suit" n flowered evwhere when im w/ him (stupid words, but that describe it, just like in comics hoho). Diff aura from other (hmm maybe)

I want to slip, sliding into his life. Just one question, how?

I am not perfect, neither he. but, i felt "suit" (i felt dat way only to 2 person, him n Bern), n the stupid thing, im stuck on him


what should i do?
can i go along w/ Aghi or someone else?it would be so hard... the temptation is so hard, people that i like-like-n-like-so-much-is-nearby-me-n-we-are-quite-close!

stupid?me?yeah definitely

actually, i really2 dunno what to do. Meanwhile, i dunno what to do to Aghi. Choose?orang yang dapat diandalkan atau orang yang ga jelas apa maunya+seenaknya sendiri.

When i realise what I did to other people, i feel i did it like Zen. It just exactly what he did to me, hmm.. he did it better a bit. It hurts them, i know. He hurts me, i know, he didnt know it maybe.

i rarely fallin luv

n i-think-i-really2-fallinluv

i am so stupid



Blush Happy-New Year-2006. Yo!!

hepi New year 2006

But hummm.. nuthin special. I spent the night with Henny. We're watchin Kungfu Hustle (for the 3rd times for me!!) n maen game abis2an (hoho...). Kungfu Hustle.. Reminds me to Zen n Bayu(zaman stupidku...). Btw, beberapa jam sebelumnya aku liat Bayu lewat pas aku lagi di kosnya Frisko. Malemnya dia juga sms "Happy New Year". Hmmm... tak pikir dia dah kabur ke Swiss

How am I lately???

berry berry fain...
yahh mayan hepi... seneng.... Tapi wes ndak gitu2 banget kayak dulu. Tapi efek sampingnya, uhh... kasihan si Aghi. berantakan... sama pas kayak ma Bayu dulu. Kemaren marah2 mulu ma dia. Well, semoga sih ga berending sama. Lagian kayaknya sih aku dah bisa biasa ma Chenchen... ga speechless lagi, gak salting lagi, dah bisa agak manja2 n bisa ngobrol banyak. wes kayak ma mas2 yang laen. It means... im free... He yah!!

mein life, mein liebe...

keren keren...