Half Full Cup


only stupid person who can love like hell

only crazy person who loves

why?whats side of him that can break me this way?

am i half full cup of tea?half full?half empty?

or... just like totally full cup oftea, n if someone pour any water, it would spill out.

why do i love him?that kinda guy?
can not answer that.
its just like feel "suit" n flowered evwhere when im w/ him (stupid words, but that describe it, just like in comics hoho). Diff aura from other (hmm maybe)

I want to slip, sliding into his life. Just one question, how?

I am not perfect, neither he. but, i felt "suit" (i felt dat way only to 2 person, him n Bern), n the stupid thing, im stuck on him


what should i do?
can i go along w/ Aghi or someone else?it would be so hard... the temptation is so hard, people that i like-like-n-like-so-much-is-nearby-me-n-we-are-quite-close!

stupid?me?yeah definitely

actually, i really2 dunno what to do. Meanwhile, i dunno what to do to Aghi. Choose?orang yang dapat diandalkan atau orang yang ga jelas apa maunya+seenaknya sendiri.

When i realise what I did to other people, i feel i did it like Zen. It just exactly what he did to me, hmm.. he did it better a bit. It hurts them, i know. He hurts me, i know, he didnt know it maybe.

i rarely fallin luv

n i-think-i-really2-fallinluv

i am so stupid




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