Stick With You

at last, i knew little by little bout sum facts.
yeah.. never thought dat cute gal like her will did things like dat.
But.. she is more agressive than me haha...

oh ya, s'one said that i am "tabah" n "kuat" (wekekekekkkk...)
Femil is right, love is not enough to undergo this, tapi, juga butuh mental yang kuat. Maybe for some of people, its quite weird to love him like this (over 1 year!!), but its even more weird dat i love him. thats fact. no one will think dat i can love person like him.

but, love can not choose ha?u cannot push s'one to luv u. it just happen like dat.

i dunno whether i already push my self so hard to get thru all of this, although... maybe it wont end in a nice way...

coz i luv him?
or just coz of i try to prove dat i can get him? (haha, my ego)

D answer is :
1. I do luv him
2. Im kinda person who wont easily to give up

thats why...

i do luv him, but not dat blind. He is only human, who makes a lot of mistakes. n of coz, sumtimes he looks so good, but the other times, he did sumthing stupid&annoying (upss... sorry).

i can not say, even if we get along each other later, will we be a good person?mutual couple?everythings all good?

i do not know

it cud be disaster (perhaps) or as good as dat i want.

but, talkin bout this, heart knows d difference between people that u love/like n between person that suit on you.

i prefer d second, coz dat is d actual reason for me. coz i suit on him. kinda person who will understand me naturally

im not a perfect gal, not d good one, not d pretty one, not d clever one, not even sweet. but, im hard headed :>

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