Hole In My Soul "No Cry Babygirl"

Life on a plate?

Half full cup?

my mind scattering around, my feeling all fallin down

sadness, emptiness, everytime i think of you, i miss u

wherever direction i saw, i saw ur self, saw the ghost of you

more and more, my feelin' all knockin my heart down, down, down

Do you know?

dont you know?

i luv u more and more

i am walking no direction

whispering your name in every breath, every pray, every think

Do you know?

dont you know?

this luv has make me down

dont know what to do

dont know how to deal it

dont know how to throw it

im stumbling, sinking n drowning

all the answer is Im belong to the world

then im broken heart

Im floating... anywhere, no direction

U will see me joking, laughing,

but there's a hole in my soul. im pretending

My life is in a plate

But, Life must goes on baby


"no cry babygirl"


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