Pasca Simposium

Kemaren abis simposium

seneng deh akhirnya kelar juga
mayan sukses!

capek siyy...
tapi seneng, lega..., beban dah terangkat. rasanya dah plong getu
tapi sedih juga... bentar lagi bakal pisah ma temen2

gw dah ngerasa sedih sejak breakfast pagi. Waktu si dudul Sondang ngelucu pas kit lagi makan rame2 n then we were laughing together. tiba2 deg! gw sadar, bentar lagi bakalan ga bareng mereka lagi, bentar lagi bakal makin jarang ketemu mereka lagi, bahkan mungkin ada yang bakal ga ketemu lagi. sedihhh...

Trus kerasa lagi pas closing...


So many things to called out to remember
nice things
sad things
stupid things...

but, i must say, that i have a great 2 years in here
this is the time that i really2 enjoy my life
that i started to be "a woman" :P [appearance at least :P]
uwahhhhhhhhhhhh... wonderful time!

Im going to miss all the things here
The hospitals
the gangs [nomat-jalan2-anak kos-teman 1 stase]
the kosz
the residents :P
n the things that ever happens to me

it makes me grow up

dan... 2 minggu lagi gw bakal Sumpah [doain aje]
jadi dokter?

dr Luluch Mulyani?
keren juga :P

im going to miss u all guys

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