The Pursuit of Happiness

*judul filmnya will Smith yang baru*

But we're not goin to talk bout it...

The same topic... diff story

Udah baca kolom gosip?or nonton infotainment?
Tau dong the hottest news, Titi DJ mu cerai

Yeah, sebenernya its none of my business sih. Tapi setelah gw baca koran n baca tentang mereka, jadi pengen bahas aja

Titi bilang, she’s already felt incompatibility since 3 years ago, tapi setelah dia ngeliat Mukas kena stroke, ga bisa apa2, yg tetep setia ngrawat tuh hubby-nya. Dia mikir, pasti sedih banget ya klo ga ada yang ngerawat saat tua nanti. But then she realized that it was wrong “mempertahankan perkawinan agar ada yang merawat saat tua nanti”

Meanwhile dari pihak Andrew [I think he’s so georgeous], klo emang udah ga cocok ya kenapa dipertahanin?toh udah nglewatin 3 tahun, already try to fix it, but can not. Soal mempertahankan perkawinan demi anak2, … anak2 bisa merasakan bahwa there’s “sumthing” between their parents, dan they think that their children can pass thru it on. Soalnya dia juga berasal dari parents yang cerai after 20 years marriage. He cud felt that his parent already screwed up-ga harmonis, n yang ajdi pertanyaan waktu itu “kenapa musti nunggu 20 tahun buat cerai?”, they already felt it n felt that was incomfortable.

Yeah, I havent got married yet
Tapi gw tau, perkawinan juga ga selamanya mulus2 saja
Akan ada masalah2 yang mungkin bisa diselesaikan dengan baik, tapi juga… getting bigger n in turn will ended by divorce

Kenapa orang married?
To be with person that he/she loves, make a family, raising up their children etc…

But, in some of time, klo rasa cinta itu hilang, or kamu merasa asing dengan pasanganmu, or feel unhappy, what will u do?

I think most of people will try to fix it up first. Try to re-love their hubby/wife anymore, try to find in which way that they got separate n take diff way, n try to solve the matter

But if
The “things” getting uncontrolled, u cant fix it, what will happen next?

If u want to avoid to divorce, u will find any reason :”for the sake of my children”, “for the whole family”, “for our promise to live together till the end”, etc…

But will u go thru it for entire ur life [yah tarohlah 10-20-30 tahun lagi?n u find that u’re not happy[anymore]]


Supposed to be not

I just think,
that each of people deserve for their own happiness, not other’s happiness.

Like Alexander Romanoff’s say [he is the author ‘The Thief of Baghdad’] : Kebahagian harus diperjuangkan


[I cant believe I said this kinda things, coz till now I still think n do something for other’s happiness :<]

But I hope, sumtimes later I will have any courageness to get out from that circumstation n can fight for my own happiness

That’s why gw kagum ma mereka, Titi bisa lepas dari alasan klisenya, Andrew bisa memahaminya.

About children, well if u teach them alright, I think they will pass it with “ok”. If you are good parent, even if u got separated, u will still be a good parent for your children

So, fight for your own self, for your own happiness
Even if u failed, u can say proudly “I already try, I already fight”


Its Yours
Its mine
Its our pursuit of Happiness


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