Spy-der woman

Just read today newspaper [Kompas]

Read about Valerie Plame Wilson [aka Val P], CIA agent who is an ambassador's wife, Joe WIilson. Joe ini ambassador yang dikirim ke Nigeria dalam rangka isu penjualan uranium ke Irak [who has not proved well!], dan Joe ialah penentang keras invasi US ke Irak, dan menuduh ada pihak yang memalsukan laporannya

She's already become a spy for about 20 years. But her careers has ended in bitter way. Someone [who has a power in USA] has uncovered her identity as an agent to public. Whoaaa... it changed her life... mostly people around her dont know that fact, they just know that Valerie is ambassador's wife n works as energy consultant at Brewster-Jennings Corp etc gitu...

Poor her... Gw baca juga di cbs [cbsnews.com] klo dia tuh termasuk agen yang ga punya diplomatic immunity, jadi klo dia ketangkep, negara bakal lepas tangan [like had happened to Hugh xxx yang ketangkep di China gitu]

Sedih ya... Dan juga itu menimbulkan isu baru. Kebocoran tingkat tinggi!! dan yang kena getahnya tuh Lewis Libby [Dick Cheney's fans! member of Vulcans group :P]

Bayangin aja sedihnya jadi Val, identitas yang lo simpen rapet2 selama 20 th tiba2 dibocorin gitu aja, dan ada kemungkinan membahayakan orang lain [yang bahkan tidak tahu klo dia itu an agent!]

Uhmmm... it must be hard to be an agent... But its her choice, n she knows the risks...

Keep fight Val!

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