UnCover My Emergency Kit


Bueno diazz...

This time i'll show you my emergency kit...

When i go travelling, i always go with this kit in my bag

Okayy.. it looks cute :P [purple-butterfly-who will wonder bout it contains hahaha...]

Okayyy... lets see what i have in my pocket
1. Knife n Scissor, very useful, to rip or cut something, n i can use it as weapon when im in danger [hope no!]
2. stationery : ballpoint-tipe ex-spidol-glue, useful things also!
3. Blood donors-card, i can use it as identity card also n ... Im an B-blooders :P
4. Women kit : pantyliners-razor etc..
5. Insto hahaha, sometimes i also put some drug such as mefenamic acid n dexamethasone [in case i or someone else get allergy]

So... its quite enaff rite?

I mean, if someone wanna do something bad to me, i just have to show my knife [Jangan macam2 denganku!!hohoho...]

You girls..
you should take care yourself n prepare your self with self-defence kit on ur pocket!!

Kic' them all!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Emergency Kits? Ehm, it looks that you need more; just like handy trasceiver, cellphone, and other communications stuff!
    You're MD aren't you!
    By the way, some ichy on my eyes while reading your blogs; too many 'short message style' typed on your post!
    Luluch The Cinnamon said...
    Haha, i always bring my cellphone anywhere...

    Short message style...
    Yup.. coz sumtimes i do blogging by mobile phone [mail-2-blogging], use my gmail account, n it restrict my post just for 450 chracters... so, yah... thats the results...

    If i have time to use compuetr, i prefer comp, but when im outta home n just bring my cellphone, so, i do blogging in that way

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