Yendidori - Bosnik Adventure

There's nuthing to do...

So we decide to go to the beach. People we asked recommend to go to Adoki beach. But after we were asking the taxi driver, he suggested us to go to Yendidori beach. I knew Yendidori, 2 days before we were going there to had an orientation about our job and situation in Public Health Service [Puskesmas]

So, after negotiation about the price of taxi to take us there [ 60 rb untuk PP].Its not so far from Biak Kota, Yendidori is in West Biak District, it took about 15 minutes by taxi.

Pertama heran, kok masuk ke perkampungan... trus kami diturunkan di gereja tua. Di depan gereja itu ada undak2an untuk turun kebawah. So we climbed down...

And Subhanallah... Its very pretty indeed... Dibawah, ada pantai kecil, ada monumen pula... cantik bangettt... serasa private beach deh... Cuman sayangnya, kami nggak bisa berenang disana, karena pantainya bukan pasir, tapi full karang, ga enak buat belajar berenang [for me hehehe]. So then we decide to go to Bosnik again!!

We called the taxi driver [suggestion ask n keep the taxi driver's mobile number, its important!]. Then we asked him to take us to Bosnik. It charged us another 60rb, coz Bosnik is in East Biak, its about 40 minutes to get there...

We were passing "pasar ikan Bosnik" [Bosnik Fish Market], that sell fresh sea fish, fresh crab n so on. N please... go to there only in Tuesday, Thursday n Saturday... okay...

Near that market, there is Segara Indah Bosnik Beach!! The lovely beach... That day, the beach is not so crowded [not like that we had in Sunday]. I love it!! I learned to swim... I drank lot of sea water, very2 salty!!

After got tired, we drank "kelapa muda", its just 3rb for each [very cheap!]]. Too bad there was no bakwan malang that day, coz its seem that the bakwan malang only exist in sunday

N then... after 3 hours in the beach... we decide to goin home... But our weekend not ended just like that... That night, we were invited by Ibu Ang [our neighboor], to go to her house to have her birthday party, sea fish!! all you can eat... [Steven is the happiest person for free food :P]

N yahh... we were passing saturday with happiness :>



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