My Alien Bestie

I miss youuuuu... My bestie, dr. Pertiwiii

Yang cerewt, yang pinterrr, yang rajinnnn, yang super careeee... ketika aku mau berangkat ke Natuna, dia yang kayak emak2, ngingetin aku bawa ini, bawa itu, sampe dibawain pasmina ma sarung bantal pula 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Yess, first at glance, we are so different... she's wearing hijab, casual dan suka warna soft. Meanwhile, aku kadang2 pake lengan kutung, rok diatas lutut and love bright and eyecatching colours. Yang satu kayak mo pengajian, yang satu kayak mo manggung. Weird pairs hahaha

Tapiiiiiii... sekian lama aku hidup didunia, she's the only one who can understand my minds, my other worldly minds for exactly. My weirds thought.

Its so awesome to find someone that as weird as you hahaha 😂

Aku, yang aloof, and often feel alone in the middle of the crowds karena aku merasa dilahirkan pada waktu yang salah (i should be born 50years later hahaha). I never tell people about whats on my mind because i know they wont understand. I know im different, some kind of alien.

But, she could understands it, basically because we are alike... our brains, our minds, our thoughts are different from most of people. Uniknya, karena cara berpikir yang hampir mirip, kami seperti telepati-an, bahkan ga cuma saat sedang hangin out bareng, wa-an aja bisa nyebutin/mikirin hal yang sama hihi

And one that i respect from her, she gives me the same careness, love, and efforts as I give to her in our friendship.

I rarely do friendship, no one is really close to me, I barely open my self. Because once I consider people as my bestfriend, i can do anything for them. My friendship is expensive

Dan, hingga saat ini, she's the only one that do the same efforts (klo ga, bahkan lebih) ke aku. And i appreciate her so much for that.


You're so weird, so do I, then we are perfect together 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

2016; you're mine

2015 had been a hard year for me...
Got a lot life lesson, the very expensive one, coz i paid it with my pride. But in other way, 2015 also gave me bestfriends of life...
I learn that, i have preplexing personality, paradox. Im too rational, brainminded person that cannot express what i feel, cannot express my love. Because my logical minds inhibit me to say such things, i cover it with my indifferent attitude, although deep down i care so much. Icy walls
I learn that, my biggest fall would be on my pride and curiousity, my curiousity often make me made stupid decisions, at any cost, and one of the cost is pride.
I learn that, nothing impossible.... Each person has their limitations, and their limit IS NOT your limit. Sometimes all you gotta do is hardwork, try harder and harder.
I learn that, everything can happens in matter of second, for no apparent exact reason. Trust your gut feelings, it never lie. Everything that looks good now, can be a burden later, but everything that looks not good now might be the beginning of good things later. Just stay positive.
I learn that, i already got friends for life. My soulmate, i think that i can hardly survive without them. They kept my sanity in this hectic world. Thank you!
Talking about 2016, this is hectic year ahead, so much to do... And my ultimate goal is board exam graduate and become internist in this year!
So, good bye 2015, thank you for your lessons
2016; you're mine!